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Heat-Treated Wooden Pallets

Our heat-treated pallets meet ISPM 15 regulations

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New and Recycled Wooden Pallets

We offer recycled pallets and newly built pallets

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Heat-Treated Wooden Crates

Need to move or package products? We have top-rated crates!

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Need a custom order?

We are able to meet any custom demands that you may need for your business! Let us know what you need and we’ll find a solution that works.

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Stamped and Certified for International Routes

Whether you want a new pallet or a recycled one, Alex Pallet can heat treat and certify them. Even if you build the pallet yourself, we can still accommodate you.

Shipping / Delivery Services

We take the stress out of transport. We will follow your supply chain to make sure your pallets safely arrive at their destination, whether it is for delivery or for pickup.

ISPM 15 Regulations (Heat Treat)

Our products are certified to meet ISPM 15 regulations, which is needed for international shipments. Heat treatment services are regulated by the CFIA.

Fast Turnaround Times

We strive to meet your deadlines and to surpass your expectations. You can feel confident that we will process your order on time and to your standards.

Pallet Recycling & Removal Services

We can also collect and recycle your old wooden pallets from your business. They are hard to recycle otherwise.

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